Alison Ragguette

Alison Ragguette, CSU San Bernardino

Plunge, 2016
porcelain, silicone, glaze, silk

Melanin Flood, 2018
rubber and porcelain

Rejects and Residue, 2016
porcelain, silicone rubber

Navigating between images of the body and concepts of technology, Alison Ragguette’s ceramic works explore the ways in which the natural and synthetic worlds intersect. Combining porcelain, glass, and rubber, Ragguette has developed an interdisciplinary approach to making sculptural and installation works that is dialectically playful and alien, chaotic and messy, encapsulating and encroaching. Her sculptural works are hybridized forms, which incorporate a “mash-up” of objects evoking children’s toys, tools, automotive, plumbing and medical parts that appear to actively spill, bulge and burst. Installations such as Ragguette’s Rejects and Residue, which depicts the waste involved in ceramic industry but is coated with a seductive, candy-like layer of rubber, also evoke visual tensions and ironies. Ragguette’s works surrender to the reality that the contemporary world is beyond human control, while also eliciting sensations of awkward beauty, curiosity, and play. 

Rejects and Residue @ Durden and Ray, Los Angeles. Aug. 2017