Carole Frances Lung

Carole Frances Lung, Cal State Los Angeles

Sewing Rebellion: No Barrier Back Pack, 2019
Photograph of Faux Frau Rudi Modeling his completed back pack at the ILGWU 322, Elm Ave, Long Beach CA, 2019
Sewing Rebellion: No Barrier Back Pack video, 2019
No Barrier Backpack PATTERN
No Barrier Backpack TECH PACK

no barrier back pack


Carole Frances Lung describes herself as “an artist, soft power activist, and Professor of Fashion Fiber and Materials, at California State University Los Angeles.” As the biographer and archivist for her alter ego, Frau Fiber, Lung has created a series of installations, performances, and social sculptures addressing issues of fashion and textile production and consumption. Her legacy project is the Sewing Rebellion, a national campaign to “Stop Shopping and Start Sewing!” The project empowers its participants through skill-sharing, community building, and advocating for change in the fashion and textile industry. Sewing Rebellions have been hosted in a dozen cities across the U.S., as well as in London, England and Weimar, Germany. The No Barrier Back Pack included in this exhibition is a project of the educational arm of the Sewing Rebellion; the pattern, tech pack, instructional video and photograph are included to allow viewers to engage in their own challenge to the fast fashion supply chain. In the words of Frau Fiber, “Frau Fiber wants you to exchange your leisure time for personal production of a No Barrier Back Pack! Bags can be piece ‘werked’ from old clothes, linens, or remnants, to create a unique, one-of-a-kind bag you can take when you have to move fast and carry essentials.”

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