Good vs. Evil

Joshua Lawyer, MJ Lindo, and Hepos
Good vs. Evil, 2019
Roseland Village, 883 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa

In this Santa Rosa mural, artist Joshua Lawyer, with the help of collaborators MJ Lindo and Hepos, takes the classic trope of Good versus Evil and reimagines it with the characters of local culture. A young indigenous woman bravely faces off against a hulking, darkly clad luchador, their disparate sizes and ages invoking the biblical story of David and Goliath. The mural is located in the Roseland neighborhood, at a site that has often been a community gathering place. These three artists have been some of the most active muralists in Santa Rosa over the past few years, and have created several murals in the city.

mural prep and mural process! II MJ Lindo-Lawyer