Margaret Thomas

Margaret Thomas

Creating predominantly textile work, Margaret presents a laundry list of obscure disregarded objects of daily life centered around consumer waste. In her piece, Would You Like Your Receipt?, she is creating something new and beautiful by manipulating these ordinary symbols of non-decomposing debris and placing them in a cared-for environment. Analyzing the materials, tactfully collecting and categorizing each piece of single use plastics, paper receipts, and pieces of personal life; creating a body of work formulated around using only found objects to create a dialog between the individual and the impact of their purchasing habits.

Would You Like Your Receipt?, 2021
collected/found materials, paper collage on canvas

Would You Like Your Receipt?, 2021
time-lapse video (:29)

Untitled (Painted Face Masks), 2020
low relief collagraph prints, face paint on BFK
7.5x11" each

Untitled (Printed Masks), 2020
low relief collagraphs, acrylic on BFK
7.5x11" each

Felted Fruit, 2020
felted dryer lint

Untitled (Plastic Quilt), 2020
collected/found materials