Matt Hopson-Walker

Matt Hopson-Walker, Fresno State University

Heroes Are Burned and Never Returned, 2019

Premodern Corporate Totalitarian Dystopia, Grouping II, 2020
Matrix based monoprint

Plague Dog, 2018
screenprint and relief

Matt Hopson-Walker’s prints combine hand-drawn work with appropriated imagery from American popular culture, creating complex scenes and visual tensions by blending thoughts and images that do not logically fit together. He is influenced by narratives and characters found in contemporary entertainment, which often center on themes of dystopia and unresolved conflict, as well as the social and economic complexities of the Central Valley region of California. As Hopson-Walker puts it, “I want my work to record and document specific times and places, suggest the selfish motives that lurk beneath socially acceptable behavior, and reference the surface qualities and rich graphic aesthetic in the history of printmaking.”