Michael Hall

Michael Hall, Cal State East Bay

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, 2019
watercolor and graphite on paperstretched over panel

First Look, 2020
watercolor and paper stretched over panel

Coming of Age, 2020
watercolor on paper stretched over panel

Rilke (Letters to a Young Poet), 2019
watercolor on paper stretched over panel

Michael Hall’s work is concerned with finding empathy and complexity in situations that are often polarized and oversimplified. His latest work, a series of watercolors, explores the experience of becoming a new father and the impulse to share meanings, memories, and experiences with his child. The series began with painting objects that hold personal significance for Hall, but has grown to include portraits of his son and objects his son interacts with, all of them painted carefully and to scale. Hall describes the series as an opportunity to question and rediscover ideas, and as a way “to not simply see the belongings but as a way of finding belonging - to be together.”