Samantha Fields

Samantha Fields, CSU Northridge

Context Collapse, 2019
gouache and acrylic on paper

Elevation, 2019
acrylic on paper

Artist Samantha Fields uses the genre of landscape and scenes of disaster as metaphors for the stories she wishes to tell, exploring the sense of self in relation to the world and meditating on political, ecological, or familial realities. Her paintings are dramatic and sublime, but Fields carefully constructs her fictionalized landscape scenes via digital images culled from marketing campaigns and apps, using thin mists of acrylic paint sprayed onto a very smooth surface to paint them. Her current series of works, American Dreaming, considers present political dissonance concerning the myth of the American Dream. Fields describes these paintings as exploring “the relationship between documentary photography, digital manipulation, and the history of landscape painting to examine our current political situation and the death of the American Dream, itself a carefully constructed fiction.”