Eileen Parent

November 24, 2020 to June 30, 2021

Inspired by the organic forms and shapes around me, my work reflects the repeated patterns that I find in rural landscapes. I am intrigued by the textures and shapes created between the positive and negative spaces of forests and plant life. My curiosity in these patterns drives me to recreate them in my own hand and motivates me to make these marks visually interesting for myself and the viewer. In my work the subject matter is just as important as the absence of it. It is not so much what is up front and obtainable but what is behind and between that I cannot quite see or reach that I try to capture in my work.

I create layers of depth in my prints and drawings by overlapping etchings, lithographs and monoprints, occasionally using actual plant life in my prints to obtain a desired effect. I vary composition by altering color, design, and placement of the plates, sometimes printing on non-traditional materials. The marks I make are meditative in movement and at times related to the size of my being. Where the marks meet, they create their own layer and plane. I create motion in my pieces by joining them together suspended off the wall using shadow and airflow to activate the space. I use mark making and repetitive forms to create space and depth on paper, giving life to the spaces between.      -Eileen M. Parent   
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