Jiovanny Soto

November 24, 2020 to June 30, 2021

My work revolves around the experiences I have faced as a Latino in contemporary society. I take pictures with my cellphone or DSLR camera and use Photoshop to layer and collage a reference image. I compose landscapes with up to 3 photographs merged into one. These images hold and compile experiences that impacted me through my living in the North Bay. I constantly find myself struggling between being a student, a family provider, and an outsider in my surroundings. Through my work I depict urban scenes which I then paint or draw depending on which feels right. I document life and experiences through a psychedelic lens. A goal in creating my work is to make the viewer feel high by rewarding the viewer the longer they look with new information. The Bay Area was a heavy influencer of the the early marijuana and drug culture, which molded my upbringing, lifestyle, and most importantly my work.   -Jiovanny Soto

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