Kaylen Edwards

November 24, 2020 to June 30, 2021

My artwork is a response to what I see, hear, or feel that summons up an emotional response in myself. In a lot of my work I endeavor to tell some form of theme that also has a connection to a personal narrative. It is then brought to life with a variety of artistic skills through the use of numerous artistic mediums. Because my artwork is responsive to what’s going on in my environment, the Masks 2020 series is my response to the recent pandemic that has affected the world.

This work is a running commentary of my life and the lives of my family as we live through this historic event and deal with any emotional fallouts that come with it. Most of my artwork can be bizarre, grotesque, unnerving, dreamlike, or humorous and this multiple mask set is no different. This piece started as a mental exercise through the use of an emotion wheel. The wheel is used to identify emotions you are feeling and gets you to self reflect and hopefully leads you to becoming more self-aware and self-compassionate. Originally these masks would have been put up on the wall in a circle to show the constant emotional cycle that has befallen me and others during this pandemic, but with the help of a model I can now change this piece up a bit and make it more personal as each shot is taken from within my home.            -Kaylen Edwards

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