Prologue, Part I: An Introduction

September 10, 2020 to October 29, 2020


The University Art Gallery presents Prologue I: An Introduction, a virtual exhibition welcoming Sena Clara Creston to the art department faculty at SSU this Fall.  Creston is an interactive installation artist who uses a combination of new and obsolete technology to construct electronic, kinetic, and interactive sculptures and installations.  Originally from New York City, Creston's work fabricates worlds for the viewer to experience, empathize with, and actively engage in.  She animates her sculptures, bringing them to life using poignant repurposed materials, seducing the viewer into a familiar fantasy while illuminating social choices. 

Focused on the impact of light, movement, and materials, her sculpture reflects on alternative associations with what is considered natural in an increasingly mediated society.  "Our actions have profound effect on the world around us, but often go unnoticed for better and for worse," Creston states.  Through action and reaction, material and allusion, fantasy and reality, her responsive environments ask the viewer to question their actions in the past, present, and future.

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